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Product Design & Optimization

From concept to completion – Custom components, gears, and gear assemblies

What is the best way to deliver complex, high-performance parts?  Tri-Tec design and optimization services provide a wide range of solutions aimed at addressing this challenge.

  • Precision plastic gear design
  • Complete gear train design
  • Analysis of existing plastic part designs for performance optimization & manufacturability

Application is the light at the end of the tunnel.

The effective function of a plastic gear depends on the accuracy of its design and manufacturing.  To ensure consistent and repeatable production of flawless molded parts, it is essential that the final design of a plastic gear be the culmination of cooperative effort by a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Our engineering team, knowledgeable and experienced in gear design, resin selection, tooling design, and manufacturability, will work with you throughout the process, identifying opportunities for improvement, then designing and implementing required solutions.

By understanding each phase of product development, our engineers will design and build the most efficient and robust process possible for your product