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Custom Molding

Creative solutions in the quest for precision plastic parts.

Tri-Tec Corporation is a custom plastic injection molder with particular expertise in producing gears and precision plastic components.  Our in-house designers and engineers specialize in gear design, difficult-to-process engineering resins, and metal replacement.  We are dedicated to bringing customer products from concept to completion by providing quality parts and services.

Controlling the molding process is a critical factor in providing world-class products.  At Tri-Tec we accomplish this with experienced personnel and precision equipment.  With our extensive experience molding highly engineered resins, our vertical and horizontal presses ranging from 17 to 200 tons of clamp force and shot sizes from less than 1 ounce to 13 ounces, our hot runner and insert molding expertise, our versatility in handling low and high volume production, Tri-Tec offers creative solutions in the quest for precision plastic parts.